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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fresh Fruit Cake

Ini adalah resepi baru yang aku cuba dari buku Delicious Cakes by Amy Heng. Resepi mudah dan sedap:
One baked sponge cake
Custard Filling
100g instant custard mix
150ml cocktail juice
200ml whipping cream
1 tin fruit cocktail
Some fresh fruit(I chosen strawberry n kiwi (luv the colour)
Nibbed almond or almond flakes
Whipping cream(whipped)
Soak instant custard mix in coctail juice and hand whisk until thickened. Add cream n tinned fruit. Divide into two portion.
For assembles
Slice the sponge cake into 3 layers
Place one slice in a loose-base cake tin (jenis tapak loyang boleh buka).
Spread the custard filling onto it. Top with another slice before spread another portion of custrad filling, finally top it with the last slice. Refrigerator until set before you decorate with a whipped cream put some fresh fruit on it. Do forget to glaze the fruit with some piping jelly.Waaalaa.. da siap.. sedap you..!
Kalau sesiapa ada soalan.. sila angkat tangan dan tinggalkan pesanan/soalan anda dalam kotak borak kat sebelah ni yea...


Anonymous said...

ni kayla ni! singgah sini tengok resespi! :)

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